Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A month of GREENs :D

I want to make an effort for the next 4 weeks to eat some greens at every meal. I started my new plan yesterday, so I'll be making this a priority until July 20th and then evaluate how I did and how I feel about it.

Greens are easy for breakfasts where I do green smoothies - it's a mandatory ingredient! :) If I do a breakfast on the run though, I usually just eat a piece of fruit, so I'll have to be more careful there to try to include spinach or romaine another way. I guess the best option would really be to plan ahead and make sure I'm making a green smoothie before I head out the door.

Lunches shouldn't be too much trouble either. I usually have lunch alone at home, in which case its easy to do another green smoothie or throw together a salad. If I eat lunch out with Mom, then we usually pick somewhere with an interesting salad I can get. The trickiest part will be during weekend lunches with Li. I don't have a good strategy figured out for those days yet. Hopefully just making it a priority will make it happen! :)

Dinners should be pretty easy to handle also. Whatever else is going on, it's always easy to toss together a salad, especially if I can stay prepared with romaine in the salad spinner. Then it's a no brainer.

Yesterday, breakfast was a green smoothie with spinach. Lunch was salad (some romaine but mostly iceberg I think) left overs from Olive Garden. Dinner Li and I had a huge bowl of romaine salad that we shared. Day one success!! :D