Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day 2 of my Green Smoothie Fast

Day 2, completed! I'm kinda getting ready for real food again. Part of the reason I was so interested in doing just green smoothies for a week was because I was fed up trying to make raw recipes that took me forever, seemed to dirty every dish in the house, and didn't really come out tasting all that good to me. But now, I'm ready to try some again, hahaha I miss avocado... and onion... Mmm...

Today I was really successful because my mother wanted to go out and about and go try fun places for lunch. I told her up front what my dietary requirements were and said that I'd be happy to go with her but I'd be drinking my green smoothie. She fussed about it at first but when I didn't back down she gave in. I made my smoothie, put it in a pitcher and packed it into an ice chest. We went out and did stuff, she picked up what she wanted for lunch, and we had a lovely picnic in a forest preserve. Her sandwich did look really good though. Mine was another from Green for Life. It was an orange, a banana, a cup of grapes and romaine (and sprouts, not part of the recipe). It was actually really tasty, but again, due to owning a poor blender, it had scary chunks in it that made it kind of unappealing. At least I chewed my smoothie a lot!

For dinner, I made a smoothie with half of a honeydew melon and a head of romaine (and sprouts, not part of the recipe again). I tasted after blending and it was wayyyy too green for me still. I added a peeled lime.. now it was just bland nothing... some pineapple for sweetness... not much change... I gave in and added raw agave :P It was pretty good then, but chunky from the lime/pineapple additions. It would make a very refreshing drink on a hot day though. My husband (thankfully feeling better today!) made his wonderful, delicious, tasty, yummie homemade fried rice. It's really just amazingly good. I grabbed his bowl a few times and inhaled deeply but didn't taste! Yay for willpower, haha. I really want to complete this whole week raw though so I didn't let it stop me from my green smoothie drinking.

I hope some of this solid food cravings go away for tomorrow though.

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